Fresh Start - PureSpaces HQ

Throwback to our first blog post, where we humble bragged about our little home office. Fast forward to the present, from where I sit, as I write to you, as you read this from your crummy little office and watch my words fade into an onslaught of images of our fantastic new workspace. Yeah, we don’t humble brag anymore.


This journey hasn’t been easy and if you’ve been missing these blogs it’s because we’ve been hard at work (insta stories for proof). We’ve taken a moment to breathe, reflect and show you our entire process with some before and after images (scroll all the way down to see it all!).

Looking for an office is hard work, we looked at five very different options including a co-working space and a residential apartment. The space we decided on is a 1100 sq.ft. garage of a two storey home just by Sankey Tank (#477, 11th Cross, Sadashivanagar, come holla at us). It gave us the freedom to choose how to utilise the space. While the negotiations started, we went online for inspiration.

PSHQ plan.jpg
PSHQ inspiration.jpg

The last and final stage, an ongoing process, is making it feel like home. We threw an impromptu office party where we stayed back, had wine and cheese and put up a Pantone wall. Our other DIY adventures include a multi functional post-it/whiteboard/monthly calendar and a mood board mesh. 

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