In Our Bag

This may look a bit extensive but we do manage to carry all of these items between the two of us wherever we go. When we leave PureSpaces HQ (unfortunately more often than we like to) we have to be prepared for anything - makeup for a client meeting to sunblock for construction site visits, we’ve got it covered. Scroll Down to see the full list!

In Our Bag
  1. Safety Helmet - No one likes helmet hair but better safe than sorry! It’s extremely hot on site, so we bought our own for hygienic reasons.

  2. Closed Shoes - A necessity at site. We’re always jumping over puddles, climbing over debris and getting splattered with paint.

  3. BandAid - This hasn’t been in our bag as yet but since we have already been victim to a couples of scrapes and gashes already in the past month, we thought we’d add it in.

  4. Sunscreen - SPF +30 #TanAndLovely

  5. Water - Our work is just so dehydrating.

  6. Snack - Not necessarily Starburst but a little bit of energy when we need it.

  7. Sanitizer - Can’t snack without it.

  8. Measuring Tape - How do we explain how much we use this? Measuring tape = Our livelihood.

  9. Laser Pointer - We’re just not tall enough to point at a ceiling detail. A new addition to our bag but such a keeper!

  10. Phone - We carry three phones between the two of us.

  11. iPad - We recycle all our paper and try to make presentations on our iPad as much as possible. 

  12. Camera - Sometimes our phones are just not good enough.

  13. Portable Charger - A must have in our technology driven business that’s always on the go.

  14. USB Pen Drive - Information is power, we back up and carry our digital files everywhere we go. You never know when you might need it.

  15. Paint Swatches - FYI, Morning Glory is Krishna’s favourite.

  16. AD Magazine - For those long, boring car journeys across the city.

  17. Pens - Constantly misplaced, we have numerous scattered throughout our bag in a variety of forms and colours. Kamini definitely has more pens in her makeup bag than actual makeup!

  18. Folder - We usually carry more than one. Each folder is for a specific project and contains printouts of all our working drawings which we carry copies of to hand out to contractors, carpenters and electricians.

  19. Diary - Can’t live without this Moleskine planner! We keep note of meetings and events the old fashioned way.

  20. Business Cards - Networking is key.