Looking Up, Looking Down

If you hadn’t noticed from our Instagram, last week we were in the capital! While desperately scrolling through our gallery for a good picture for yesterday’s #tbt, we realised that a theme had emerged. So today’s blog, aptly named to hint at our latest interior obsession - Ceilings and Floors.

No one we work with really understands what a false ceiling is but it makes complete sense to us! Mood lighting - check! Hidden wires - check! Symmetry - check! Insulation- check! Do we need to go into it more? Here we have compiled a few images of some interesting false ceilings that we’ve collected from our Pinterest.


We’ve also spent a lot of time having things with floors. We always says that the most important part of the room is the ceiling and the floor. Everything else is trivial. Flooring is important because it’s the largest canvas in a room and also the most expensive. We are fortunate enough to have spunky clients who are letting us experiment with different tiles and textures. Keep up with us to see how our floors and ceilings turn out in the next few weeks.