Light it Up

We’ve come a long way since lamps were made from rocks and animal fat (weird, we know!). In fact we’ve come such a long way, even with three hours of reading, we’re still not 100% sure how they even work. The modern invention of the light bulb has changed the way we live and view the world. The past two weeks have been all about lighting it up (not in the stoner sense obviously) but we are at that stage of our projects that we’re focusing on those interior design terms that sound foreign to you but exciting to us - track, pendant, spot and cove anyone?! We try to use very little artificial light because natural light is the bomb.

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When we work on residential projects, we’re sneaky about our lighting, we hide it in our false ceiling through spotlights and cove lighting to create a little peak-a-boo mood lighting. General rule of thumb is to always go with warm white light and avoid tube lights. Of course there are always exceptions, but we don’t usually use wall or ceiling lights. Give us a pretty pendant though and it’ll make our hearts swoon! Our aim with lighting is to make all our homes cozy, warm and safe.

All these rules get thrown out the window when it comes to hospitality! We try to be ambitious and grand. Fortunately we have clients who encourage us and let us experiment. We’re currently collaborating with our talented friend Avantika Agarwal to make unique, almost sculptural light art that will surely dazzle you. Make sure you follow both of us on Pinterest to see our inspiration and Instagram to see what we’re up to :) 

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