Inspiration Check List Part 2

A few weeks ago we listed out our favourite books, blogs and magazines. As promised, we have added to our list so you can be eternally inspired. You’re welcome.


99% Invisible - The ultimate design podcast! We are properly addicted to Roman Mars’ voice. He makes the most mundane of topics interesting and there’s always a design twist. One of many amazing podcasts that are a part of Radiotopia.

The Urbanist - This is part of Monocle radio and has a slightly more serious take on design. This British Podcast talks about design, trends and the urban landscape in Europe and covers different topics over different segments within each episode.

Song Exploder - Part of Radiotopia, this is no ordinary music podcast. Here Hrishikesh Hirway breaks a single track down with the artists themselves and explains the concept as well as the technique of every single note. He’s very diverse and explore all genre’s from Carly Rae Jepsen to Norah Jones.

Design Matters - If you’re listening to it on Soundcloud, check out the actual website anyway because it’s v v cool (spoiler: It changes colours!). Debbie Millman, the host is an award winning designer herself but started the podcast to interview her idols and share it with the world. Design Matters is the first and oldest running design podcast to exist.

Adventures In Design - This is really an entertaining podcast full of design gossip and who doesn’t love gossip?


Grand Designs - A BAFTA award winning British Classic. Kevin McCloud has been at it since 1999. We’ve literally grown up on this show (does that make us nerds?).

Abstract The Art Of Design - This Netflix original aired earlier this year. We particularly liked the episodes on Es Devlin and Ilse Crawford. Each episode has it’s own style and is well produced.

Chefs Table - You would think that David Gelb would’ve peaked after Jiro Dreams of Sushi but every single episode of Chef’s table does justice to his reputation. The amazing cinematography truly makes you wonder about the art form of cooking.

Design Trilogy - Gary Hurwist’s documentaries ‘Helvetica’, ‘Objectified’ and ‘Urbanised’ are the three commandments for every 1st year design student.


Karen Kavette - This OG vlogger is super nerdy but super fun. She started her YouTube career in RISD giving advice to all incoming art students and has worked her way up the ranks and is now a very prominent personality on the HGTV page.

Song of Style - Interior designer and fashion icon Aimee Song is so rock ’n’ roll. She documents her jet setting lifestyle on Youtube (and insta stories) and the glamour is addictive.

HGTV handmade - DIY goodness. Home, design, decorating and remodelling ideas. Arts and crafts galore!

House & Home - More DIY, makeover and home tours in case you aren’t sick of it already!

We just wanted to add that we use YouTube mainly for software tutorials. All those times you forget commands in AutoCAD, this becomes a life saver resource. We also love Youtube’s direct competition Vimeo for it’s quality videos.