App Mania


In this era of technology, we rather die than live without our phones. It’s sad to say it, but it’s true. Not the biggest technophiles, we have decided to make more of an effort with technology and really take advantage of it. No stigma attached, let’s embrace this period before we get too old to understand the latest update or the next generation condescendingly shows us how to teleport to meetings and most likely before robots destroy us. Scroll down to find a list of apps we use or would like to start using on the job at PureSpaces.



We’re possibly guilty of over sharing. Not only do we have our work accounts, we share a lot of work related content on our personal accounts as well. PureSpaces takes a majority of our time so excuse us if we get over excited and you see the same image on three accounts.

Instagram - A mix between curated, styled photos and on-the-go visual diary of everything we are up to on our stories section.

Pinterest - Where all inspiration is collected. Each project of ours has it’s own secret board and the general ones become a library of sorts. 

Facebook - A platform to repost insta images but also blogs like this one from our website. We do need to start using this more.

Twitter - Kamini is the only one to use twitter but she repeatedly tweets about her #bossbae

Snapchat - Krishna has a private account, we were considering getting one for the office. What do you think?

Whatsapp - Possibly the most important communication tool we have but you know that already. 



A few apps we recommend in general. 

Entrée - We treat ourselves to a fancy lunch more often than we should from this amazing delivery app.

My Fitness Pal - For when we put on too much weight from the above delivery app.

Ola - If you haven’t boycotted Uber already, use Ola. It’s safe and has an SOS button.

Soundcloud - We listen to design podcasts on the reg, all our Monocle24 and Radiotopia playlists are ready for us 24/7. - Set’s an alarm for you based on your REM cycle. Can’t do without it.

NDTV - Endless alerts about O PANNEER but at least we stay updated about the news.



Apps we can’t live without and a few that we’ve haven’t used yet but are willing to give it a shot.

Instasize - Crop or play with your images as much as you want. 

My Measures - Take a picture and directly put the measurements on the image.

Expense Manager/Splitwise - Since we haven’t fully converted to a cashless economy, this is just to keep track of our expenses. Sometimes you’re juggling personal cash, company money and client money all at the same time. Just an organised way to keep track of all those ₹₹₹’s.

Unit Conversion /Calculator - Feet and inches to Meters and centimetres - A godsend for dyslexia!

Morpholio Trace - We haven’t tried it yet but definitely looks like a fun and convenient way of going paperless. 

Autodesk 360 - For quick changes on the iPad while you’re on the move.

Sketchbook - Because we need to sketch more. 

Milanote - Recommended by our PureSpaces BFF Avantika, an Evernote meets Pinterest meets everything good on this planet.