Easter Chocolate Wish List

PureSpaces wishes everyone a Happy Easter! Not everyone in the office celebrates Easter and we may be divided in beliefs but we sure as hell are united in our Chocoholism. Apart from the art of making chocolate itself, there is also a lot of design involved in the cocoa industry. From the packaging to interiors of chocolate shops around the world and famous sets captured in time like ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory’. Here is a list of heavenly spaces and treats that we give thanks for but before we get into that, let’s have a moment of silence for Johnny for making us more addicted (to chocolate, not him.. well, him too) than we already are.

  1. Mast Brother's Milk Chocolate
  2. DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs
  3. Marble Punch Chocolate Set
  4. Bottega Louie White Chocolate
  5. Compartes Dark Chocolate
  6. Cyril Lignac Chocolaterie
  7. Mon Choco Artisanal Chocolate
  8. Utopick Chocolates
  9. William Sonoma Sweet Sauce Set
Easter 3.jpg
  1. Angelina, Paris.
  2. Laudree, Paris.
  3. 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Set.
  4. Mast Brothers, Brooklyn.
  5. 'Chocolate' Set.
  6. Bro.Kat, Poland.
  7. Peggy Porschen, London.