Saad is back!

Muhammad Saad Talib is a new member of the PureSpaces team. He joined as an intern as a part of his course at Jain University and spent four months learning the ropes in exchange for his mum’s amazing biryani as well as his funny and genuine perspective on life. He recently took a months break to finish his final portfolio and has graduated with a BSc in Interior Design! Saad joins us full time as our Assistant Designer, he has a huge vendor database that we use from time to time to get the best deals and is our resident 3D expert and does all our renders for us. 

3D render’s are really important to us because it helps our clients see our vision which sometimes doesn't come through in our technical drawings. We use it a lot in house when we’re trying to pick or narrow down three very different ideas. It also helps us visualise the details that help clean up our technical drawings. You can see a few inspirational 3D renders as well as Saad’s SketchUp renders he's done for us below. Can't wait to show you the real deal when it's complete.

saad (2).jpg