A Girls Guide to Looking ProFreshional

Last time, we spoke about our fly style and ermm.. this week we continue to do so. The stereotypical architect has a pretty distinct style (black turtle necks aren't so fun in Bangalore) and as Interior Designers, we get a little bit of creative leeway. We have to be prepared to do many things in the span of a day and be dressed appropriately for every occasion - construction site, client meeting, shopping, work drinks - you never know! We like to stay neutral (duh), wear comfortable shoes and carry a lipstick with us to help with the transition. Some of us are better dressed than others - Saad always wears crisp tailored shirts and picks out the fabric himself, Krishna always looks breezy and fresh in her neutral colour palette and well, then there's me, infamous for being pyjama clad at work on most days. We share an office with Crosscreek who makes and exports clothes to Germany and once in a while we get to pick out something nice from the sample rack in our conference room. The rest goes to charity so if you’re between wardrobes, get in touch with us and we can help you send them to the right people. Below is a collage of a typical #ootd PureSpaces approved wardrobe just so you know exactly what we’re talking about!