Moody Presentations

Every company has their own style, our’s is pretty fly (if I may say so myself). We thought we’d break it down for you and show you how we do things at PureSpaces. 

Mood boards are the first step in our design process. We come up with our own design conclusions and solutions after we get a brief from the client and check out the space. Most of the time, we have to show our client what we have in mind and that’s where our presentations come into play. We score through our magazines, Pinterest and design websites for reference images that best describe our vision. Sometimes we design things from scratch and use material or colour palettes along side it. We usually have a thick folder at the end of the process that then gets curated carefully into our famous mood boards.

I’ve attached a few examples from various projects for you that best describe our process in depth.

PS - Although we have standard templates that we work on, it’s definitely not set in stone. We like to change things up from time to time.

PPS - Our PureSpaces font of choice is Bodoni. For all the design nerds out there - It's a serif font whose typefaces come under the Didone genre, a modern typeface from late 18th Century. Another fun fact, it's the font used on Nirvana's logo.

Moodboard Post.jpg