Designing Details: Lippam (Independence Day Special)

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and reflected on how great it is to be free. It’s been a while since we’ve done a “Designing Details” post, so this one is dedicated to Krishna’s Indian heritage. We decided to focus of the very gujju craft of Lippam and celebrate it’s beauty, history and most importantly it’s purity from the evil greedy fingers of colonialism. 

Dominated by the women of Kutch, this traditional work uses camel dung, mirrors and clay to decorate their circular mud huts in rural Gujarat. Their designs are passed down from generation to generation and are never quite the same. This tradition has been kept alive and is practised by women from different communities to keep their homes insulated and cool during the hot summer months. White and shimmery, Lippam Kaam definitely fits into our PS aesthetic, scroll down to see why.