Design is the best medicine.

Some of you may know the amount of time we have spent in the hospital this crazy year. For those of you who don’t know, don’t worry! We’re fine! All of us have been there, helpless in the hospital waiting room, hoping for a get well soon miracle. So today, we’re writing about something near and dear to us, something we get emotional about - design for good…design that saves the world.


Hospitals are crummy places, especially in India. Although we have made a lot of progress, the newer hospitals tend to have a corporate feel that doesn’t psychologically benefit the patients or their families. We trudged through the internet to find you examples of great design. Hospitals that have the perfect balance of function and beauty but most importantly have a meticulously designed interior that mentally soothes and encourages a sense of well-being.

We delved into it a bit further and identified characteristics of an ideal place of healing. Material and atmosphere are the key words here. Using wood and natural light to complement each other is one way to bring warmth and cosy-ness to a space. Colour is used to lift the mood, instantaneously cheering up a room. Scenery and greenery are vital - no one likes to be hauled up in a claustrophobic space when breathing room is essential to recovery. That leaves the best and most obvious for last - clean and quiet! Need we specify the reason? Check out the images below to see hospitals who walk the talk.


Special Mention: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore is hands down our favourite hospital. From the interiors and facilities to the customer experience, service and lest we forget, the world class doctors. Believe us, it's an outstanding place to be ill or not (preferably not).

Stay healthy, stay safe!

From the PureSpaces Team!