Namaste from PureSpaces!

It’s been a tough year and yoga has been our saviour! We thought we would talk about some of the things that gets us through the day and yoga is definitely one of them. Most of you know of this ancient Indian practice - the controlling of the body and mind through meditation and exercise. This stress buster is the key ingredient to our zen work life. If only we could attain moksha! 

Mumbai based Zia Yoga was our go to instructor but there are plenty of classes in the city (Akshar Yoga is walking distance from the office). Do a little research an decide what school of yoga works best for you. Krishna’s routine is a more general fitness based approach. She usually starts in the morning and she spends an hour, three times a week doing a variation of surya namaskars and a combination of cardio, breathing and stretches. Remember when it comes to yoga 7-1=0 so you should dedicate at least 5 minutes every single day to it, it’s a way of life after all. As far as accessories go, we recycle our regular gym clothes and equipment (mat, foam roller, elastic resistance bands, headbands and clothes) but we know that Fabindia has a special yoga wear section and if you’re looking for high end, specialised leisure wear, Proyog is another brand to look out for. While yoga has recently been used as a political tool to promote nationalism, we encourage everyone to counter that saffron tinted nonsense and get into the spirit of it regardless of your background.

Namaste from the folks at PS!


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