Craftin' Around

Here at PureSpaces we are very enthusiastic about doing up spaces; it would have been weird if we weren’t, right? Needless to say we love some change at PSHQ too, every now and then. We’re always on the lookout for all things within the studio that we can restyle.

So in December last year we came across an extra writing board and decided to put it to some use. We pooled in ideas and picked a Pocket Resolution Display to put up on the board. Next, we got a pack of neon coloured craft paper and set to work with our scissors and paper cutters. A couple of hours of cutting, pasting and fun banter is all it took to get our resolutions neatly tucked away in the neon envelopes. And there it was -  a vibrant grid of fluorescent pockets, created at practically no cost. This was not just a cheerful addition to the space, but they were relentless reminders of our goals. So now you know our secret to remain sticklers for resolutions!


But that’s not all that came off our little DIY adventure. It was a fun, team-bonding activity and ever since, we've been on a roll! Over the last 3 months, we found a few great DIY ideas to play around with. We started off with some interesting signage for our space. We picked out a bunch of things for less than a grand from Itsy Bitsy, a stationery wonderland we often haunt.

Materials :

  • Wooden Alphabets

  • Black Acrylic Paint

  • Pink Ballet Matte Chalk

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Foam Roller Brushes

  • Permanent Adhesive Minis

The letters got a couple of coats of paint in PureSpaces’ favourite shade and were stuck onto the doors with Permanent Adhesive Minis. And voila!


Having successfully completed 2 DIY Projects we were ready for our third. This one was art-centric as compared to the previous ones that were mostly functional. We can’t emphasise enough on the fact that this activity was absolutely therapeutic.

Materials :

  • Canvas Boards

  • White Acrylic Paint

  • Permanent Black Marker

  • Wooden Alphabets

  • Foam Roller Brush

  • Adhesive

‘I never met a colour I didn’t like’ - Dale Chihuly, is an interesting quote that we stand by as interior designers. Ironically the artwork is a composition of these words painted white on a white canvas, creating an embossed effect. As minimal as this is, the second one has a zillion ideas haphazardly crammed on a smaller canvas.These “works of art” made it to the walls to compliment the existing black and white posters.


Well, we’re definitely big fans of DIY. It’s inexpensive, useful and a whole lot of fun. It’s how we unwind at PSHQ and we totally recommend it!