Story of The Wall

If you walked into our office a year ago you’d have found our Pantone wall right at the entrance. Krishna and Kamini had put it up, card by card, at the inception of PSHQ in 2016, along with Team A&J who shared the office space with us back in the day. Then again, if you were here 6 months ago, you’d see a vibrant tropical wall mural. Pink hibiscus peeping out from behind lush green leaves, hand painted by artists from our very own Artifold. Now here we are, not too far into 2019, with our Dusty Pink Board and Batten Wall. Quite evidently we love change, and what’s wrong with that?!

You might wonder how we arrived at this sophisticated feature wall from our quixotic garden mural. We’ve always loved the Classical British Style of Interiors and wall moulding is an intrinsic feature of this style that offers endless possibilities in decorating a wall. Although it had a functional origin, over the centuries it’s journeyed from its ornate past to the simpler designs we see today. We narrowed down on the Board and Batten design which perfectly fits into a contemporary set up and works well with our aesthetic.

We were ready to begin our newest little project. The mural was scraped off and the wall prepped for its brand-new cladding. The placement of battens involved a fair bit of math. We sampled a few squares to see what worked best visually. While the boards and battens were up on the wall in the blink of an eye, choosing between Summer Pink and Desert Rose wasn’t as easy as we’d imagined. We finally managed to select one and the wall was ‘duco-ed’. Turns out, we were nowhere near done with our fascination for the tropical! It made its way back into the artwork and looks so much the better for it.


With the redesigned accent wall our office looks absolutely groovy. Wall moulding is the go-to design detail for classical addicts. It is so versatile that it can make a space look modern and minimal or even vintage and grand. These designs have come alive in a contemporary form at a law office we recently designed. The mouldings are painted in a stately grey and neutral white, and reflects the power and tension involved in their profession. It’s a feature that we have used consciously on wall panels, cabinet shutters and doors with a view to tie the whole space together holistically. Contrary to the austerity we’ve orchestrated here, the wall decor taking shape in our upcoming classical villa is all splendour and extravagance. But no matter the style, we always get stunning results. Needless to say, we’re gonna be using it a lot! Because we know this is a trend that’s here to stay.

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