What’s on TV?

Forget binge-watching Game of Thrones and Black Mirror we’ve got a bunch of other outstanding Netflix shows lined up for you. It goes without saying that all shows we recommend here are related to interior spaces. Not only are these shows hugely entertaining they’re inspiring, transformative, engaging and emotional. Each of them in their own way could trigger a sense of growth and yet they’re fun to watch. Here goes our list -

Queer Eye

So, we’d like to start off with Queer Eye, which undoubtedly tops our chart. The 5 gay professionals, or the Fab-Five as they are called, come in and transform the lives of people stuck in a rut. Like magic, they make their way into someone’s lifestyle, fashion, food, interior space and emotional life, and leave a brand new person in their wake, ready to take on the world. What it does for the viewer is not entirely different - we are left awe-struck by the magnitude of what’s possible for us too! The show is a spin off of an old series - “ Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ” starring a different cast in 2003. Over a decade later, we have the new series which amidst all the glamour, throws in a good dose of conversations about social concerns. There are intense emotional interactions which unmask their vulnerability and leave us reaching out for tissues.  Altogether, every episode leaves a mark on us with their beautiful story-telling and their incredible impact on people’s lives.


Abstract: Ilse Crawford

We can never have enough role models who inspire us and spark our imagination; and we found a spectacular one in Ilse Crawford, in the episode featuring her in Abstract on Netflix. She started out her career in times when interior design was all about pomp and theatricality. But she made such a great impact with her unique attitude that she stood out from the crowd with effortless grace. Design, for her, is a ‘frame for life’ and the tangible senses are what guide her subtle style. This makes the pivotal theme for her book The Sensual Home as well. We could absolutely relate to her style in Ett Hem , a century-old home that Ilse converted into a boutique hotel. It is like the epitome of her design philosophy – there is a sense of tranquility woven through the space with its cozy furniture, muted color tones and earthy textures. Her design outlook and aesthetic is contagious, and leaves one nothing but inspired. All you wish is you could do it with her ease and poise.

Stay Here

This is a space make-over show, similar to Queer Eye. If the Fab-Five transformed spaces for personal use, the Stay Here team works wonders for businesses, but with a personal touch. Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer come together to help clueless homeowners transform their holiday homes into havens for a diverse group of travelers. They push the boundaries of design in challenging situations to come up with practical and  innovative, yet simple solutions; while not losing focus on the primary goal of revenue generation. The trendy spaces and their tremendous success leave the viewers very impressed.

Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Here we have on the show a unique personality who truly transforms homes. Some would say, the Queen of Clean! Ironically, she is this petite, happy woman with a halo of tranquility, who wreaks havoc in homes that she walks into before working her charm. The families go through a  journey of retaining things that spark joy and parting with memories that don’t, which is often very difficult. But Marie makes tidying up look as easy as it’s not. In the end, they are thrilled with the overall outcome. And the viewers are left wishing for a swish of her wand in their own homes.

And we’re done! Our list does involve a lot of design and cleaning up but it’s a short one. We promise it'll be worth your while, and if you do decide to give the make-over a go, that’ll be worth it too!