Crushing on Terrazzo

Can we just please tell you how hard we’re crushing on Terrazzo lately? We want to use it everywhere. Terrazzo is ridiculously versatile, it can be used on walls, floors, countertops and even, furniture and accessories. What we end up with is some major ‘Retro-glam’. Can’t really blame us for being so obsessed, can you?

A little info on the history for the geeks - Terrazzo came about through the inventiveness or sheer boredom in some Venetian stone workers, who were left with oddly shaped pieces of marble after completing their tasks. They put these into clay and flattened the mixture into a comfortable walking surface. Wonder if it was an accident, but they found that goat’s milk was a great sealant; and voila, they had a new, durable, low-cost, low-maintenance flooring! This was back in the day (around the 15th century), and is now making a major come-back, with a modern twist.

It has evolved in terms of style and techniques involved. It comes in bolder, brighter colours and with larger pieces of stone. What used to be an economic option has over time become a luxury material. It is slightly expensive, but the skill and amount of labour involved is very high. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop us from making big plans with Terrazzo!

Terrazzo Mood Board.png