The Games We Play

It’s always all fun and games here at PSHQ. Just kidding, we actually take work very seriously. After a week full of client meetings, site visits, material selections, detailed drawings and a zillion other things, we ensure to put everything aside and make time for fun. Excited to give you a little glimpse of what happens here on a Friday night (in sequential order). Bags of chips and the famous cheese dip come in at around 6 pm. Conference room, of course, turns into the party spot. Laptops shut, drawings folded neatly and the table is set up with drinks and our favourite selection of games. Here’s a list we’ve put together to tell you all about the games we play.

All Games.jpg

On the top of our list we have JENGA - Not only is this least tricky, but also for all ages and fam-friendly.

How to play

So, once we’ve built our steady J-Tower with 54 blocks (to be precise), we start by carefully pushing or pulling the blocks, turn by turn, and placing it right on top with just one hand. As easy it sounds, this requires a whole bunch of skills - great hand eye coordination, strategic mindset, and some serious concentration. While it’s all smooth sailing at the start, our adrenaline levels begin to soar as the tower gets leaner and it’s finally time to say “JENGA” when it all falls apart. Fun fact, ain’t nobody a winner at Jenga, only losers.


Just a ‘Heads up’ -  this ones insanely fun. This revolutionary game began on Ellen DeGeneres ’s show and has been a riot ever since. PS: Gets you way too hooked, this was literally ALL we did on our team-trip to Bison.

How to play

This game is a combination of charades and Headbandz. We first pick a category: Superstars, Act it out, Blockbuster movies, Animals gone wild are some of the many. One person takes the role of the guesser and puts the phone to their forehead, while the others act out what flashes on the screen. You get 60 seconds! Meanwhile, if the guesser arrives at the right answer they tilt their phone forward and if not they turn it backward, to pass. You can play as many rounds you want and the person with the maximum number of right guesses is the winner. 

The Voting Game - Quite dangerous because every time you play you get to know what your friends reeally think. Also, turns out to be ridiculously funny. Caution : It’s practically impossible to stop, once you’ve started. Also, Krishna’s a cool boss so here we play the NSFW version.

How to play

Each player gets a player ID card which identifies each player as a number for the rest of the game and players also get a set of numbered voting cards with every number except the one on their player ID card. Turn by turn, one person draws a black Question card and reads it out loud. Each player then uses their voting cards to anonymously vote for the answer to the question (reader votes too). The player who read the question collects all the voting cards and reveals them to the group. Players receiving votes guess who voted for them and the player that receives the most votes wins the round and keeps the Question card. The first player to collect 6 question cards is the winner!

The Voting Game.jpg

Cards against Humanity - The ultimate party game for ‘Horrible people’ with a whole lot of adult humor and laughter guaranteed.

How to Play

The game is simple. Each player draws 10 white cards. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card by reading them out together. Reader gets to pick the best answer and that person gets to keep the black card. Person with the maximum number of black cards wins.

PS: The outcomes are absolutely ridiculous, we DIE laughing. 

Cards Against Humanity.jpg

Piccolo Drinking Game – Very easy to play but drinking is a must.

How to Play

-        First things first, get drinking

-        Download Piccolo

-        Add each player’s name

-        Pick a mode, such as The Bar Mode/ The silly mode or whatever you’re in the mood for

-        And just go ahead and do as the app says, drink 5 sips if it says so!

Before you know it you’ll be well on your way to having a FUN night. 

So, this is how we set the tone for a great weekend. We surely believe that a little Booze and a lot of Banter never hurt nobody.