SRIRACHA: A fresh take on the signature look!

Sriracha on 12th Main, Indiranagar is an inventive reinterpretation of the one in UB City. We tried to strike a balance between sophistication and restraint, in line with the Pan-Asian cuisine served here. The interior scheme steers clear of the clichéd red and gold. The intriguing play of geometry, shadows and contrasts ties the inside and outside together holistically. Warm hued wood gives way to the coolness of glass and concrete. Black granite sets off the varying shades of grey, and the exterior periphery alternates between the geometrical patterns of the rustic, metal screens and the transparent glazing. The peppy mural painted onto the concrete wall creates a striking contrast to the simplicity around, as one walks into the restaurant.  

2400 sq.ft.

Sriracha Indiranagar.jpg
Sriracha Indiranagar - Sketch.jpg
MaterialPalette_Sriracha Indiranagar.jpg

Materials: Beechwood, Granite, Rust effect, Mild steel, Lacquered glass, Ceramic