At PureSpaces, we love to design luxurious and elegant homes. We take pride in creating personal  and intimate space’s that truly reflect our clients personalities. Your home is where our heart is.



Starting with our very own, we now specialise in office design. Our commercial experience ranges from high end offices for real estate developers to low cost snazzy start ups.



We have worked with several well established hospitality chains in Bengaluru. Our creative sophisticated and fun interiors will guarantee you a fun night out on the town.

Nothing but the best - luxurious design for a model apartment.


Our aesthetic has been formed and shaped from our experience with the site. Located on Jakkur Lake, we used high quality, innovative materials along with a neutral colour palette to unobtrusively blend with the landscape. We complimented the natural greenery that surrounds the site by using organic forms, hints of colour and texture. Spacious and luxurious, we decided to blur the lines between indoor and out door, while being conscious and respectful of the environment that surrounds the grove.


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Powder Room Hi Res.jpg
Master Suit 02.jpg

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