PureSpaces embodies fresh interiors, simplicity,
and above all - PURE design.


At PureSpaces, warm colour palettes are combined with the clean lines, neutral tones and symmetry to create a sophisticated ambience of texture, tone, contrast and light. Our designs exemplify a distinctive blend of charming warmth and exquisite opulence that compliment your individual persona and singular style. We at PureSpaces strive to create environments that evoke luxury and radiate emotion and yet, remain hallmarks of simplicity and timeless elegance.


Krishna Morzaria

Founder & Creative Director, Krishna Morzaria has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from University College Falmouth, England. She has also had the opportunity to study and practice design in Milan and Dubai. Straight out of university, Krishna started working on various interior design projects with leading architect Kabir Hira before founding PureSpaces.

Krishna’s aesthetic stems from her personal style which juxtaposes femininity, luxury and contemporary chic. Her mixed German-Indian heritage has enabled her the opportunity to travel extensively and explore diverse cultures, giving her a cross cultural and multidimensional outlook, which reflects in what we at PureSpaces offer to deliver.


Suja Nambiar

Hailing from Kochi, Suja Nambiar has joined the team bringing in her multi disciplinary aesthetic to PureSpaces. She has a background in engineering with work experience in Deloitte before she bravely switched to a design career. She has studied interior design at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and has done short courses abroad. Suja has a keen eye for detail and is our go-to person for all things furniture and all things bling! Suja along with Prarthana now handles Season 2 of the PureSpaces blog.


Anna Dominic

Anna Dominic has never lived in a city for more than two years! She’s been bouncing around India so much and we’re glad she’s landed in Bangalore! She has a MA in Interior Design from Pearl Academy in Mumbai and before that she got her BA in Visual Arts in Chennai. She’s had a couple of internships in Kochi before she joined us full time. Anna loves all things crafty and is especially useful for styling all our shoots. Her aesthetic and diverse portfolio of work has already made an impact. She is our in house 3D render expert.


Prarthana Wadhwani

A true Bangalorean, Prarthana Wadhwani has not one, but two BA’s! She initially studied Business Management and worked with leading property consultant firm Krsna Properties where her experience in Marketing and Sales has shaped her design approach to regard the clients needs as utmost priority. She then moved on to receive a Bachelors Degree in Public Space Design from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology and specialised in lighting, scenography, and public space interventions. She is passionate about exploring new design solutions and is always on the lookout for different materials and technologies which makes her a perfect addition to the PureSpaces team. Prarthana along with Suja now handles Season 2 of the PureSpaces blog!


Pari Sheth

Pari Sheth is the youngest and newest member of our team. She graduated with a B.Sc in Interior Design Management from Mount Carmel College and her CV unlike any other! She’s worked in the field since she was in her first year and has experience is prestigious firms. Her spiritual nature keeps the office energy levels at bay and come Friday night, she’s the first on the dance floor!

Kamini Rao

Kamini Rao (OG) was a part of the initial design team at PureSpaces and continues to collaborate with us from time to time. Self proclaimed social media queen, she is everybody’s go-to copywriter and was in charge of the blog. She was awarded a BA (Hons) in Interior and Spatial Design at the University of the Arts, London: Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2015. When she’s not typing away, she run’s a spatial design vertical at Scion, a branding and advertising firm.