Sriracha: A hot & spicy evolution!

The day has finally come! We are very excited to launch Sriracha to the world. It was a fun but gruelling adventure that involved crashing tons of food tastings that we definitely did not need to attend (such a hard life!). We thought we’d break it down for you, show you our process, our inspiration and before/after shots!


You guys might recognise Sriracha- formerly Singkong - a local favourite. The space already had an asian vibe but we wanted to give it an upgrade with minimal intervention ie. keep structure, flooring and ceiling as is.

We didn’t want to go the traditional route when designing Sriracha, we’ve worked closely with the branding team (our design bff and neighbour A&J Design Works to make sure the design is unique and cohesive. The rest of the team included our long term collaborator Woodlabs who turned technical nightmares into sweet sweet realities and last but not least Krackn who are just badass and awesome and we love them. Together, inspired by contemporary asian design, we’ve used traditional materials and colours in a unique way that is minimal yet fun, perfect for a night out!

You can see some of our initial ideas in the mood board below which evolved over time thanks to a nudge on our clients end to make the design more “urban”. If there was ever a project to show off our street cred, this would be it. 

SRIRACHA WALL ART  (dragged).jpeg

We initially wanted to do an installation on the ceiling and after maybe going through over 10 different ideas we decided to drop it in favour of our much beloved mural.


The whole project was about logistics, the client didn't want to close the restaurant down so we had to have each element designed in such a way that it would be made outside and assembled within a week on site. Since we were on a time crunch, we built the wall cladding over the existing cladding (so much easier than ripping it off) and had the wood cut into different sized panels (so the joints wouldn't be obvious).

Krackn to carry the heavy mismatched panels three at a time to their studio and paint the expansive mural panel by panel jigsaw style before putting it together on site. Troopers right? A second layer of wood in the form of long slats were added to bring out texture and warmth that would break away to reveal the mural.

The eight countries that Sriracha represents in its branding are subtly used in the interiors to differentiate itself from Sanchez. The mural is heavily inspired by this, besides our badass heroine, crazy tentacles and flying fish we we challenge you to find all representations from all 8!

SRIRACHA WALL ART  (dragged) 2.jpeg

The service table were made from scratch and the dining tables were made using ash wood that was then charred using a blow torch. The chairs were carefully selected and shipped from Indonesia. Cermaics came from Pondicherry (best work trip!) custom made to fit in with the asian style and colour palette of the restaurant. Traditional earthenware accessories coloured in a deep red hue from the logo brings a pop of colour into our contemporary asian pine wood shelves.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-10 at 14.40.58.jpeg

Diwali Gift Guide

We at PureSpaces celebrate the victory of light over darkness all day erryday. It’s our job to. Infact, we’ve even written about lights before. 'Tis the season to be jolly for £akshmi wa$ bo₹n and generally good trumps(lol) evil. Rama-Sita-Lakshman-Hanuman are all good and so we celebrate with lights and mithai. This lovely festival has two traditions: Noise/Air pollution which we don’t recommend (we have dogs and morals #sorrynotsorry) and extremely late spring cleaning which we do recommend. We hope you’ve spent this week cleaning, renovating and decorating for a new you. Below you will find our Diwali gift guide for last minute shoppers that is sure to make any home lit! 

  1. Banana Leaf Platter - Koy
  2. Niloufer Box - Urban Ladder
  3. Cow Bell Door Hanging - The Purple Turtles
  4. X-Stand - Deniable Studio
  5. Brass Diyas - Jaypore
  6. Metallic Candle Ring - Moonriver
  7. Trays - Pinklay
  8. Lotus Tea Light Holder - The Lohasmith
  9. Hanging Diya - Good Earth
  10. Ceramic Bowls - Fennel

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UPDATE: Hope everyone enjoyed their long Diwali weekend. We are really sad that we didn't get to use Mana's Diah during the festive break. This adaptable little light is pretty and straight forward. It comes flat and all you have to do is roll and snap it into place. We want to urge our readers to sign up on the waiting list and kickstart this really cool project in time for Christmas!

Inspiration Check List Part 2

A few weeks ago we listed out our favourite books, blogs and magazines. As promised, we have added to our list so you can be eternally inspired. You’re welcome.


99% Invisible - The ultimate design podcast! We are properly addicted to Roman Mars’ voice. He makes the most mundane of topics interesting and there’s always a design twist. One of many amazing podcasts that are a part of Radiotopia.

The Urbanist - This is part of Monocle radio and has a slightly more serious take on design. This British Podcast talks about design, trends and the urban landscape in Europe and covers different topics over different segments within each episode.

Song Exploder - Part of Radiotopia, this is no ordinary music podcast. Here Hrishikesh Hirway breaks a single track down with the artists themselves and explains the concept as well as the technique of every single note. He’s very diverse and explore all genre’s from Carly Rae Jepsen to Norah Jones.

Design Matters - If you’re listening to it on Soundcloud, check out the actual website anyway because it’s v v cool (spoiler: It changes colours!). Debbie Millman, the host is an award winning designer herself but started the podcast to interview her idols and share it with the world. Design Matters is the first and oldest running design podcast to exist.

Adventures In Design - This is really an entertaining podcast full of design gossip and who doesn’t love gossip?


Grand Designs - A BAFTA award winning British Classic. Kevin McCloud has been at it since 1999. We’ve literally grown up on this show (does that make us nerds?).

Abstract The Art Of Design - This Netflix original aired earlier this year. We particularly liked the episodes on Es Devlin and Ilse Crawford. Each episode has it’s own style and is well produced.

Chefs Table - You would think that David Gelb would’ve peaked after Jiro Dreams of Sushi but every single episode of Chef’s table does justice to his reputation. The amazing cinematography truly makes you wonder about the art form of cooking.

Design Trilogy - Gary Hurwist’s documentaries ‘Helvetica’, ‘Objectified’ and ‘Urbanised’ are the three commandments for every 1st year design student.


Karen Kavette - This OG vlogger is super nerdy but super fun. She started her YouTube career in RISD giving advice to all incoming art students and has worked her way up the ranks and is now a very prominent personality on the HGTV page.

Song of Style - Interior designer and fashion icon Aimee Song is so rock ’n’ roll. She documents her jet setting lifestyle on Youtube (and insta stories) and the glamour is addictive.

HGTV handmade - DIY goodness. Home, design, decorating and remodelling ideas. Arts and crafts galore!

House & Home - More DIY, makeover and home tours in case you aren’t sick of it already!

We just wanted to add that we use YouTube mainly for software tutorials. All those times you forget commands in AutoCAD, this becomes a life saver resource. We also love Youtube’s direct competition Vimeo for it’s quality videos.

Design is the best medicine.

Some of you may know the amount of time we have spent in the hospital this crazy year. For those of you who don’t know, don’t worry! We’re fine! All of us have been there, helpless in the hospital waiting room, hoping for a get well soon miracle. So today, we’re writing about something near and dear to us, something we get emotional about - design for good…design that saves the world.


Hospitals are crummy places, especially in India. Although we have made a lot of progress, the newer hospitals tend to have a corporate feel that doesn’t psychologically benefit the patients or their families. We trudged through the internet to find you examples of great design. Hospitals that have the perfect balance of function and beauty but most importantly have a meticulously designed interior that mentally soothes and encourages a sense of well-being.

We delved into it a bit further and identified characteristics of an ideal place of healing. Material and atmosphere are the key words here. Using wood and natural light to complement each other is one way to bring warmth and cosy-ness to a space. Colour is used to lift the mood, instantaneously cheering up a room. Scenery and greenery are vital - no one likes to be hauled up in a claustrophobic space when breathing room is essential to recovery. That leaves the best and most obvious for last - clean and quiet! Need we specify the reason? Check out the images below to see hospitals who walk the talk.


Special Mention: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore is hands down our favourite hospital. From the interiors and facilities to the customer experience, service and lest we forget, the world class doctors. Believe us, it's an outstanding place to be ill or not (preferably not).

Stay healthy, stay safe!

From the PureSpaces Team!

BBM: Our Inspiration Check List


If you’re thinking ‘wtf are they writing about blackberry messenger for’ then stfu, we’re not. Today we’re talking about where we get our design inspiration: Blogs, Books and Magazines.

We don’t want to state the obvious like Pinterest and Instagram and there are ton’s of media that we haven’t really mentioned (YouTube channels, Documentaries, Podcasts) that we will definitely explore in the next edition.



Style by Emily Henderson - Em Henderson is our go-to blogger for all things interiors. She has so much knowledge and blogs like an absolute pro. In fact, we get lots of ideas for our blog from her. She knows how to mix funny or personal stories with serious work related stuff leaving you with a beautiful curated experience.

Design Love Fest - Technically a graphic designer, Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest will make you love colour like never before. Filled with posts of the most whimsical and lovely things on her blog is a dream. She works with very cool designers to come up with fun DIY’s from crafts to interiors to food. Her “Weekend At Home” category is full of amazing inspiration.

Apartment Therapy - “Saving the world one room at a time”. Need we say more?

ThisIsColossal - Just a good blog to get away from it all. Insane work from the most dedicated of artists. This blog is curated to blow your mind. A real punch packed with inspiration.

ArchDaily - Immerse yourself in architecture from around the world. Keep up to date on the current trends on everything from design to technology. 



Kelly Hoppen aka God - Everything that PureSpaces wants to be. We treat her books like the Bible. Kelly has been working in the industry since she was 16 and with no formal education. She has a distinct style that is completely in line with what we want to do at PS.

The Big Book of Chic - Miles Redd’s website reads “quirky brand of cozy glamour”. This book is a classic, a bit cray but definitely a classic. 

The Scandinavian Home - Because who doesn't love minimalism?

The Selby Is In Your Place - Todd Selby has made his living stalking some pretty cool creative people and oh boy, do we wish we were him! This photographer has made his mark in the industry by showing the world the behind the scenes on some of the coolest, most prolific personalities we know.

Tom Ford - This book is solely here for it’s aesthetic value. Note sure what it contains but we’ve seen it uplift many a photoshoot as a must have coffee table accessory.



AD - “The international design authority”. Dreamy architecture from around the world and from India. Beautifully curated sneak peak into the best contemporary interiors and exteriors the world has to offer. 

Elle Decor - All about them trendy details. Elle has a keen eye for decor, we love to flip through to find out about quirky accessories and interesting artefacts. Through in some fashion and a little bit of page 3 and you’re hooked!

Better Homes/Home & Garden/House & Garden - Similar but great for their overall themes. Each issue will shows us genres in Interior Design from country to contemporary and is filled to the brim with pleasing photos and tips and tricks for the perfect home.