Designing Details: Lippam (Independence Day Special)

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and reflected on how great it is to be free. It’s been a while since we’ve done a “Designing Details” post, so this one is dedicated to Krishna’s Indian heritage. We decided to focus of the very gujju craft of Lippam and celebrate it’s beauty, history and most importantly it’s purity from the evil greedy fingers of colonialism. 

Dominated by the women of Kutch, this traditional work uses camel dung, mirrors and clay to decorate their circular mud huts in rural Gujarat. Their designs are passed down from generation to generation and are never quite the same. This tradition has been kept alive and is practised by women from different communities to keep their homes insulated and cool during the hot summer months. White and shimmery, Lippam Kaam definitely fits into our PS aesthetic, scroll down to see why.

PS Travel Diaries: Singapore

Some of you may know that PureSpaces was working overseas for a substantial amount of time this year. While PS HQ was still churning out work as usual, Krishna’s desk moved across the ocean and as promised here we share her top tips to conquering Singapore with you! 

Ascott Orchard, home away from home is an amazing serviced apartment that we highly recommend if you’re doing a longer stay. It’s connected to Paragon - woohoo shopping! Paragon has all the high end brands if you feel like splurging but also a parlour and a grocery store so you can stock up at the apartment. Another mall worth visiting is ION Orchard where we found a gem of a stationery store called Kikki-K. You already know stationery is our Kryptonite (new desk posts soon to follow)!

Mostly a vegetarian office, we sometimes slip and the food in Singapore was so good, it was hard not to! We recommend Din Tai Fung and Min Jiang at Goodwood Hotel for some amazing Asian food and Brotzeit for German food “cuz yum”.  Crossroads Cafe - all day breakfast FTW (the walkway from here leads straight to Kikki-K ) and Angelina to curb your sweet tooth. 

Other Artsy things to visit would be the Arts Science Museum, Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and Marina Bay Sands. All pictures attached. 

All in all, Singapore is a city we could live in and we can’t wait to go back. I hope you enjoy this post and make use of our to do list one day! 

SPOILER ALERT: We’ve added a few pictures of Yayoi Kusama’s retrospective (not too many so you can see it for yourselves). The exhibition recently opened and has hordes of people queueing for the good stuff, so be patient and it will all be worth it! The Cirque du Soleil is also in town with a new show ‘Kooza’ that will leave you in awe even if you’ve seen the Cirque before in another part of the world. A short walk from the performance venue you can have dinner at Spago or Bread Street Kitchen which has amazing interiors that you may recognise from our Instagram. Dinner and drinks overlooking the marina to end the perfect day.

A Girls Guide to Looking ProFreshional

Last time, we spoke about our fly style and ermm.. this week we continue to do so. The stereotypical architect has a pretty distinct style (black turtle necks aren't so fun in Bangalore) and as Interior Designers, we get a little bit of creative leeway. We have to be prepared to do many things in the span of a day and be dressed appropriately for every occasion - construction site, client meeting, shopping, work drinks - you never know! We like to stay neutral (duh), wear comfortable shoes and carry a lipstick with us to help with the transition. Some of us are better dressed than others - Saad always wears crisp tailored shirts and picks out the fabric himself, Krishna always looks breezy and fresh in her neutral colour palette and well, then there's me, infamous for being pyjama clad at work on most days. We share an office with Crosscreek who makes and exports clothes to Germany and once in a while we get to pick out something nice from the sample rack in our conference room. The rest goes to charity so if you’re between wardrobes, get in touch with us and we can help you send them to the right people. Below is a collage of a typical #ootd PureSpaces approved wardrobe just so you know exactly what we’re talking about!

Moody Presentations

Every company has their own style, our’s is pretty fly (if I may say so myself). We thought we’d break it down for you and show you how we do things at PureSpaces. 

Mood boards are the first step in our design process. We come up with our own design conclusions and solutions after we get a brief from the client and check out the space. Most of the time, we have to show our client what we have in mind and that’s where our presentations come into play. We score through our magazines, Pinterest and design websites for reference images that best describe our vision. Sometimes we design things from scratch and use material or colour palettes along side it. We usually have a thick folder at the end of the process that then gets curated carefully into our famous mood boards.

I’ve attached a few examples from various projects for you that best describe our process in depth.

PS - Although we have standard templates that we work on, it’s definitely not set in stone. We like to change things up from time to time.

PPS - Our PureSpaces font of choice is Bodoni. For all the design nerds out there - It's a serif font whose typefaces come under the Didone genre, a modern typeface from late 18th Century. Another fun fact, it's the font used on Nirvana's logo.

Moodboard Post.jpg

Saad is back!

Muhammad Saad Talib is a new member of the PureSpaces team. He joined as an intern as a part of his course at Jain University and spent four months learning the ropes in exchange for his mum’s amazing biryani as well as his funny and genuine perspective on life. He recently took a months break to finish his final portfolio and has graduated with a BSc in Interior Design! Saad joins us full time as our Assistant Designer, he has a huge vendor database that we use from time to time to get the best deals and is our resident 3D expert and does all our renders for us. 

3D render’s are really important to us because it helps our clients see our vision which sometimes doesn't come through in our technical drawings. We use it a lot in house when we’re trying to pick or narrow down three very different ideas. It also helps us visualise the details that help clean up our technical drawings. You can see a few inspirational 3D renders as well as Saad’s SketchUp renders he's done for us below. Can't wait to show you the real deal when it's complete.

saad (2).jpg