All we want for Christmas is… not you #sorrynotsorry

We celebrate Christmas in a big way at PureSpaces. Between the German and Indian variants of us, our celebrations are like no other! December is always a feast fit for kings (three of them to be exact and a cookie for each - Kull-Kull, Rose Cookie and Vanillekipferl) While you may find Kull - Kulls or Rose Cookies at an old school super market (Thoms or Fatimas), you definitely won’t find Vanillekipferl anywhere! We thought we’d share this top-secret-generations-old-easy-peasy-christmas-classicrecipe with you that’s super easy to make and has been passed down for generations in Krishna’s family. 

We wish you a the merriest of Christmas’s, filled with bottomless mulled wine and eggnog. See you again in the new year!

Lot’s of Love from the PureSpaces Team.



Vanillekipferl Recipe:

  • 150 grams soft Butter or 5.3oz or ⅔ cup

  • 70 grams powdered Sugar 2.5oz or ⅓ of a cup

  • 8 grams Vanilla sugar 'homemade or store bought mixed with some regular powdered sugar or 2 Teaspoons

  • 100 grams Almond Flour/Almond mealor 3.5oz or almost ½ cup

  • 200 grams all purpose Flour or 7oz or almost 1 cup

  1. Start by mixing the soft butter, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar smooth.

  2. Then add sieved white flour and almond flour to the mixture and incorporate the ingredients with your hands to a smooth pastry.

  3. Keep it to rest minimum 1 h in the fridge or in a cool place.

  4. Once ready to be used, form the dough into a sausage shape with a 2 cm thickness. Cut thick slices so, that each should be around 20 grams heavy.

  5. Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius or 392 Fahrenheit! Roll each "sausage" pastry slice into a smaller sausage with pointed ends and shape it into a half moon/crescent form.

  6. Place them onto a baking tray, each with enough space around to rise a bit, and bake them for 10 minutes a 200 Celsius to a light yellow shade.While the cookies are baking, prepare a plate with the home made Vanilla sugar.

  7. Add the cookies to the homemade Vanilla sugar in the plate, once they are finished baked and they have cooled down for at least 1-2 minutes and roll them and coat them well with that sugar.

  8. Best stored in a metal Cookie boxed with baking paper (butter paper) and apple slices on top. Note that the Vanillakipferl cookies are very fragile and might break when coming out of the oven, that is why you should give them 1-2 minutes to rest. During that time they harden when they take contact with air. It's important to roll them into the homemade Vanilla sugar when they are still hot, so that the sugar sticks on the cookies.

Passive - Aggressive

We haven’t done a material palette post since copper and it’s December!!! It’s cold and shiny and we wanted to introduce you to a material (more like technique) that we cant get enough off. We are currently using it in a big way on a project that we’ve been working on for the past year. This is just the thing we want to talk about to add to our festive cheer.


Who knew physical chemistry could be so sexy? We are aggressively enthusiastic about Passivation. This process involves a micro coating of a shield material that causes a chemical reaction to the original material which makes the whole thing passive to corrosion. Okay that sounded complicated. Not as complicated as “circuit resistance”, “polarity reversal” “rejection of fouling layer” and propriety systems”. So, you know, we tried. 

It’s the most common of practices, everything from your most basic nut and bolt, even your key chain has this amazing coating that has a trippy psychedelic rainbow effect. After learning about it from the folk at A&J Design Work, we thought it would be perfect to use for a rooftop bar - functional and glamorous!

Check out the images below to see the different ways it’s been used.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 12.35.52.png

Dubai Finds: A Design Directory

95% of our job is not glamorous - long desk hours, endless traffic, grimy site visits, casual sexism - but once in a blue moon we get to be the ritzy glitzy people you think we are. Last week we got flown to Dubai (yes, you read that right) to buy accessories for a client. 

Ask us why this was the perfect opportunity..
(a) Love Dubai
(b) Love Shopping
(c) All of the above

Here is a list of all the stores we visited and our favourite products from them.


The One
Very cool accessories and home decor (pictured above)

I Light You
Shout out to Marie & Afsal for being amazing! Over 300 designer brands for lighting with great customer service and experience as a bonus!

Crate & Barrel
Basic home furnishings.

Galeries Lafayette
Kartell & Mood


West Elm 
"Just love me some west elm" - Obvs, Krishna. (Pictured above).

Super Studio
This cool warehouse is filled with designer furniture, lighting and accessories - Tom Dixon, Lee Broom, Moooi, Bocci and more! They will move to Dubai Design District soon.

Indigo Living 
Furniture, soft furnishings & accessories. They have Kelly Hoppen products !!


Marina Home
Great for accessories but also have quirky pieces of furniture and lighting (pictured above).

Ethan Allen
Classy AF.

Shtorm Group 
Outdoor furniture galore. 


LOVE this store, all neutral colour scheme, very contemporary and just so pure (pictured above).

Bloomingdales Home
Bernhardt, Pantone and all the cool stuff Fornasetti has to offer.

The Den 
Bits & Pieces
Designers Home

All of the above in a really nice area called City Walk - casual and design oriented products.

Andrew Martin
Blanc D'lvoire
D. Tales
The Bowery Company
The Odd Piece
The White Company
Zen Interiors

These are the stores exhibiting at Downtown Design during the Dubai Design Week in November:
Designed by Hind
Apical Reform
Ayka Design
Canvas Carpets Cushions
Studio A 
Roudha Al Shamsi
Chattels & More

Sriracha: A hot & spicy evolution!

The day has finally come! We are very excited to launch Sriracha to the world. It was a fun but gruelling adventure that involved crashing tons of food tastings that we definitely did not need to attend (such a hard life!). We thought we’d break it down for you, show you our process, our inspiration and before/after shots!


You guys might recognise Sriracha- formerly Singkong - a local favourite. The space already had an asian vibe but we wanted to give it an upgrade with minimal intervention ie. keep structure, flooring and ceiling as is.

We didn’t want to go the traditional route when designing Sriracha, we’ve worked closely with the branding team (our design bff and neighbour A&J Design Works to make sure the design is unique and cohesive. The rest of the team included our long term collaborator Woodlabs who turned technical nightmares into sweet sweet realities and last but not least Krackn who are just badass and awesome and we love them. Together, inspired by contemporary asian design, we’ve used traditional materials and colours in a unique way that is minimal yet fun, perfect for a night out!

You can see some of our initial ideas in the mood board below which evolved over time thanks to a nudge on our clients end to make the design more “urban”. If there was ever a project to show off our street cred, this would be it. 

SRIRACHA WALL ART  (dragged).jpeg

We initially wanted to do an installation on the ceiling and after maybe going through over 10 different ideas we decided to drop it in favour of our much beloved mural.


The whole project was about logistics, the client didn't want to close the restaurant down so we had to have each element designed in such a way that it would be made outside and assembled within a week on site. Since we were on a time crunch, we built the wall cladding over the existing cladding (so much easier than ripping it off) and had the wood cut into different sized panels (so the joints wouldn't be obvious).

Krackn to carry the heavy mismatched panels three at a time to their studio and paint the expansive mural panel by panel jigsaw style before putting it together on site. Troopers right? A second layer of wood in the form of long slats were added to bring out texture and warmth that would break away to reveal the mural.

The eight countries that Sriracha represents in its branding are subtly used in the interiors to differentiate itself from Sanchez. The mural is heavily inspired by this, besides our badass heroine, crazy tentacles and flying fish we we challenge you to find all representations from all 8!

SRIRACHA WALL ART  (dragged) 2.jpeg

The service table were made from scratch and the dining tables were made using ash wood that was then charred using a blow torch. The chairs were carefully selected and shipped from Indonesia. Cermaics came from Pondicherry (best work trip!) custom made to fit in with the asian style and colour palette of the restaurant. Traditional earthenware accessories coloured in a deep red hue from the logo brings a pop of colour into our contemporary asian pine wood shelves.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-10 at 14.40.58.jpeg

Diwali Gift Guide

We at PureSpaces celebrate the victory of light over darkness all day erryday. It’s our job to. Infact, we’ve even written about lights before. 'Tis the season to be jolly for £akshmi wa$ bo₹n and generally good trumps(lol) evil. Rama-Sita-Lakshman-Hanuman are all good and so we celebrate with lights and mithai. This lovely festival has two traditions: Noise/Air pollution which we don’t recommend (we have dogs and morals #sorrynotsorry) and extremely late spring cleaning which we do recommend. We hope you’ve spent this week cleaning, renovating and decorating for a new you. Below you will find our Diwali gift guide for last minute shoppers that is sure to make any home lit! 

  1. Banana Leaf Platter - Koy
  2. Niloufer Box - Urban Ladder
  3. Cow Bell Door Hanging - The Purple Turtles
  4. X-Stand - Deniable Studio
  5. Brass Diyas - Jaypore
  6. Metallic Candle Ring - Moonriver
  7. Trays - Pinklay
  8. Lotus Tea Light Holder - The Lohasmith
  9. Hanging Diya - Good Earth
  10. Ceramic Bowls - Fennel

Other stores check out!
Adddress Home
Klove Studio
Curo Carte
Adarsh Gill

UPDATE: Hope everyone enjoyed their long Diwali weekend. We are really sad that we didn't get to use Mana's Diah during the festive break. This adaptable little light is pretty and straight forward. It comes flat and all you have to do is roll and snap it into place. We want to urge our readers to sign up on the waiting list and kickstart this really cool project in time for Christmas!